Organization Memberships

Memberships are for Organizations Only, and are required to post Volunteer Positions.
  1. From the "My Organizations" Dropdown, select your Organization.
  2. Click the Memberships Tab

Having a Membership unlocks the ability for Organizations to post Volunteer Positions. Memberships are Optional, and Organizations are welcome to maintain a profile on the Volunteer Columbia Valley platform regardless of Membership.

Membership Costs vary by Annual Operating Budget.

Under $25k$75/yr
Over $25k$150/yr
Membership Fees are used exclusively to maintain the Volunteer Columbia Valley website, to provide support and upgrades, and to promote your volunteer positions. All remaining funds are donated back to the Columbia Valley Community Foundation.

Creating a Membership

To create a Membership online, from the Membership Tab, click Pay With Card, and follow the prompts. Upon successful Payment your Membership will be created and activated.

Cancelling a Membership

To cancel a Membership online, from the Membership Tab, click the Cancel button. Please note we do not offer refunds, and your Membership will remain active for whatever period of time is left over, but will not renew.

Resuming a Membership

To resume a cancelled a Membership online, from the Membership Tab, click the Resume button. This will undo a previous Cancellation, and your Membership will now renew normally.

Renewing a Membership

Memberships are renewed automatically every year for the Membership level that applies to your Organization.

Managing your Membership Manually (Offline)

If is possible to pay for, and manage, your Membership through traditional means. Please mail your Membership dues to:

Eggplant Studios 
Box 443, Invermere, BC, V0A 1K0
Re: Volunteer CV Membership For ...
Please address your cheques to Eggplant Studios

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