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Local Marketing Coordinator

Rocky Mountain Rally
Recreation Indoor & Outdoor

The Rocky Mountain Rally is looking for someone who can be a local presence for us in Invermere and Raduim Hot Springs. The ideal person would be a bit of a self-starter and could represent the event and bring together partnerships that would benefit both the event and local businesses.

  • Invermere BC
  • Starting Immediately
  • 1-3hrs / week
  • 1 Spots Available of 1
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

This position can be done on your own schedule, and will likely get busier leading up to and during the event. (May 24-26)

Required Qualifications


Position Responsibilities

Marketing outreach and follow-up Reporting to the Event Organiser On-event follow-up to make sure partners are getting what they need to value the relationship.

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers will: - Gain a better understanding of building marketing partnerships - Learn more about working inside a not-for-profit event that caters to the needs of over 200 competitors and volunteers - Have a chance to get close to the exciting world of Rally!