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Seamstresses to Sew Protective Face Masks

Columbia Valley COVID-19 Community Response
Crisis Support & Emergencies

We are seeking volunteers to make cloth face coverings for those who cannot make their own. To help, email Gail Gross at or select "Apply Now". Recent studies now suggest that we underestimated the significance of asymptomatic patients (patients with the virus but with no symptoms) and early infected patients (those that don't yet have symptoms) and their ability to transmit the virus. A cloth face covering may help us in our fight to lower the spread of the virus. It is not unreasonable for you to wear a cloth face covering made from cotton or cotton polyester cloth that covers your face and nose when you must leave the house for an essential errand. A cloth face covering is not a replacement for hand hygiene, quarantine, isolation and social or physical distancing.

  • Columbia Valley, BC
  • Starting Immediately
  • 1-3hrs / week
  • 19 Spots Available of 25
  • Suitable For: All Ages

Dates and Times

Time commitment is based on the volunteer's availability and the number of masks produced.

Required Qualifications

Experienced seamstresses that are interested in making cloth face coverings for those in the community who may need one. You will be contacted to coordinate efforts. If you can donate materials for making cloth face masks, please contact Erin Chandler at These materials include cotton or cotton polyester fabric and elastic for mask straps.

Position Responsibilities

If you want to make your own or some for your neighbours, there are many websites that can show you how to make a non-medical face covering to help slow the spread of COVID-19. One example - These are the guidelines on how to wear the cloth face covering: Make sure it fits snugly and comfortably against the side of the face. Secure it with ties or ear loops. Make sure it has multiple layers of fabric. Allow for breathing without restriction. Make it from cotton or cotton polyester fabric that can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to its shape. Practice good hygiene, hand washing, before, during and after wearing. Don't place it on any child under the age of 2. Self-distancing recommendations in public still apply. Finally, it is extremely important to emphasize that these cloth face coverings are not surgical face masks or N95 respirators. These critical supplies must continue to be reserved for critical first responders and frontline medical professionals. Drop completed items off at the Invermere Fire Department. Please reach out to Erin Chandler at before you go to the Firehall so that the logistics can be managed safely and effectively. Erin is the key coordinator so that everyone in the valley gets fair and equal access. Erin will work to determine points where you can find and pick-up cloth face coverings. Volunteers will be advised where established pickup points for cloth face coverings will be in the valley.

Volunteer Benefits

Support for the community in the time of crisis.