Columbia Valley Community Foundation

Local Community - Invermere, BC
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Phone(250) 342 - 2845
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Address651 Highway 93/95 (Chamber Building), PO Box 991, Invermere, BC


Columbia Valley Community Foundation
Local Community

The Board of Directors is the governing body of community foundation, responsible for administrative policy and the authorization of all grants. Each of the members brings his or her own experience and background, whether in business, community service, law, education, finance or other areas to bear on the direction of the foundation’s work.

  • Invermere, BC
  • Starts Apr 17th 2019
  • 3-6hrs / month
  • 1 Spots Available of 5
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

A director officially starts their position following our annual general meeting in April. However, we welcome interested residents to attend our board meetings and committee meetings as a volunteer participant at any time during the year.

Required Qualifications

The Board welcomes and encourages participation of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds with a passion for their community.

Position Responsibilities

Your experience with local issues and knowledge of changing economic and social conditions sharpens your ability to function on behalf of the foundation. It is your responsibility to represent the donors’ interests, to monitor grantees, and to ensure through the years a most advantageous application of grant dollars.

Volunteer Benefits

The Columbia Valley is a unique and beautiful place to live and the residents are friendly and generous. Serving as a director assists with the foundation's vision of enriching lives of the residents of the Columbia Valley. You will help make a difference in our community by connecting the people who care deeply with causes that matter. Founded in 2001, the community foundation has changed lives through program support and grants totaling over $725,000.